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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america. this morning, terror warning. al qaeda no longer the biggest threat to america. the fbi director talking about his growing concern. we're live with the latest. breaking overnight, more evacuations on the west coast as two massive wildfires quickly spread burning thousands of acres. cattle running for safety as firefighters work to get the flames under control. unruly passenger. a wild scene unfolding on a plane midflight. passengers forced to restrain and tie up the man. and fearless. a woman jumps into a pond after a gator grabs her dog. >> jumped in, grabbed the tail, pulled him back. >> the fight ending with the alligator on the losing end.
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well, good thursday morning. we begin with the dire new warnings about the threat of isis here in the u.s. attracting thousands of followers through social media. >> the alarming message from the fbi, isis is more of a threat than al qaeda. abc's bazi kanani has more for us from washington. >> reporter: a new warning about the islamic state's new strategy. >> they have invested about the last year in pushing a message of poison. >> reporter: fbi director james comey says isis propaganda spread via a slick social media campaign is working. some 21,000 english-speaking followers worldwide. the terrorist group constantly urging those who can't fight in the middle east to strike at home. >> isil is not your parent's al qaeda. it's a very different model, and by virtue of that model, it's currently the threat that we're worrying about in the homeland
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most of all. >> reporter: unlike al qaeda, comey says isis will use anybody, even unstable drug users, which is how the gunman in chattanooga, mohammad abdulazeez, is described by his family. comey says it's too soon to know if abdulazeez was directly inspired by isis, but he says in just the last couple of months, the fbi has arrested a significant number of other americans who were, like 23-year-old alexander ciccolo from massachusetts, the son of a boston police captain. investigators say he planned to attack a college campus to execute non-muslim students live on the internet. >> in your mind then is all of united states an enemy? >> yes. >> and every person -- >> yes, it's unjust. >> reporter: comey says he's also worried about a new way isis is hiding its communications, using newer technology in smartphones to send enscripted messages. reena, t.j. >> all right, bazi kanani for us live in washington. thank you, as always. and breaking overnight, word the defense secretary ash carter
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has landed in iraq on an unannounced visit. >> carter is expected to get a progress report from top iraqi officials on the battle with isis. the government in baghdad has announced a major offensive to retake the city of ramadi. also breaking overnight, a wildfire in northern california exploding in size overnight now closing in on homes. >> it's burning near napa valley. residents there being evacuated as the fire has consumed more than 4,000 acres. cattle and horses can be seen fleeing the flames. no buildings have been damaged but dozens are now threatened. it's believed this blaze started when a car caught fire. evacuations also under way because of a massive wildfire on the east side of the glacier national park in montana. the reynolds creek fire doubled in size yesterday also to about 4,000 acres. the park's eastern entrance and the main road through the park are closed. the blaze destroyed an 80-year-old historic cabin. most of the glacier national park remains open, however. well, turning now to the newly released jail documents on sandra bland appearing to
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indicate she had tried to commit suicide before. >> as bland's family disputes that report, we are now hearing from bland in her own words. it's a call she made from jail after the traffic stop spiraled out of control. we get more now from abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: explosive new details in the sandra bland investigation. the local sheriff says on the day officers put the 28-year-old in this jail cell, the intake form noted bland had attempted suicide once using pills, but she was not feeling suicidal today. >> i know the family has questions, and the most important thing is to make sure all the facts are put on the table. >> hello, ma'am. >> reporter: this information was released as video of bland's arrest from texas state trooper brian encinia's dash cam gains attention. >> well, you seem very irritated. >> i am. i really am. >> reporter: the trooper asked bland to put out her cigarette. she refused. the situation escalated. >> step out of the car. >> you do not have the right to do that. >> step out, or i will remove
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you. i'm giving you a lawful order. get out of the car now, or i'm going to remove you. >> reporter: seconds later the officer pointed his stun gun at bland. >> you're threatening to drag me out of my own car. >> get out of the car. i will light you up. get out! >> reporter: former nypd detective nick cassell told us the trooper crossed the line. >> it appears that he's starting now to climb the mountain of escalation in this situation. >> reporter: bland's family is infuriated. >> i simply feel like the officer was picking on her point-blank, period. >> reporter: how the traffic stop ended with an arrest even seemed to baffle bland. ktrk-tv obtained a voice mail believed to be bland calling a friend from jail. >> i'm still just at a loss for words honestly about this whole process, how did switching lanes with no signal turn into all of this. >> reporter: that call came just hours after a judge set bland's bail at $5,000. also, we've learned her autopsy
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is complete, but no word on when the results will be released. t.j. and reena. >> all right, thank you so much, kenneth. well, major new moves now in presidential politics. donald trump takes his immigration message to the texas border town of laredo today. he'll hear firsthand about the difficulties of defending the border from members of the border patrol union. you'll recall that trump called the mexicans who crossed the borders rapists and murderers. laredo is about 90% hispanic. meanwhile, lindsey graham is hitting back at trump, but he's doing it with humor. the south carolina senator seen here finding different ways to destroy his cell phone. that's after trump gave out graham's cell phone number during a campaign stop. at the end graham, who is a retired air force colonel, says this is for the veterans as he throws it out of range taking another jab at trump. all that in-fighting not helping hillary clinton. the latest polls find clinton would lose in three battleground states to marco rubio, scott walker and jeb bush. voters who would vote against clinton says she can't be trusted. trump, by the way, is viewed negatively in all three states
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by a 2-1 margin. the suspect in the charleston church massacre is now facing federal hate crime charges. attorney general loretta lynch announced the indictment against dylann roof saying he purposely selected emanuel ame, a historic black church, to make his attack more notorious. roof is already facing state murder charges. so far no decision on seeking the death penalty. and the penalty phase of the trial of convicted colorado movie theater shooter james holmes is under way. experts say it could take a month before jurors decide whether holmes should be sentenced to death or life in prison. yesterday prosecutors explained aggravating factors they say existed during holmes' attack. the jury has yet to decide whether those factors were proven. deliberations resume this morning. still ahead, ikea recalling millions of pieces of furniture because of safety concerns. plus, malfunctioning missile. a navy destroyer damaged during a training session. what went wrong? and grappling with a gator. a woman jumps into a pond to
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wrestle her dog from that big sucker. dog from that big sucker. ♪ america's service members and veterans are strong. forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and
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women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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well, you see it there, that monster new jersey warehouse fire that broke out more than 24 hours ago still burning. this morning, fire crews are working to put out hot spots so that investigators can begin sorting out how it started. concerns about air quality are keeping hundreds evacuated residents away from their homes until further notice. the flames destroyed eight businesses that are housed in that complex. well, now a consumer alert. ikea recalling 27 million chests and drawers because they may tip over and crush children. two toddlers died last year when the furniture fell on them.
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four were injured. ikea is offering a free wall anchoring set, but safety experts say that's not the answer. renters often can't anchor furniture to the wall, and parents may not know about the offer. well, your almond milk may not have a whole lot of almonds in it. a lawsuit claims only 2% of blue diamond almond milk comes from the nuts, but the packages say made from real almonds, also shows pictures of almonds. but the lawsuit claims that's false advertising but it doesn't say what would be a reasonable percentage, however, but most recipes for almond milk say 25% to 33%. also, would you try a steak that you bought for a dollar? yes, a buck. you have the chance now, that boneless beef ribeye steak being sold at dollar tree stores. each steak, 3 1/2 ounces, now they're thin. reviews say they get even thinner when you cook them, and those who tried them say they're a bit chewy. shocker there.
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workers say they can't keep the dollar steaks in stock. >> i guess you don't have to worry about whether it's cooked all the way in the middle then. >> yeah, give it 32 seconds, that thing is going to be well done. when we come back, scary scene at a cruise. a cruise ship on fire, dramatic images from people on board. and knives, a hatchet and that's not all. the absurd amount of weapons a traveler trying to get past security at an american airport. the thing is people think boys are loud and immature and don't care about feelings. but they're wrong. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one.
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well, a smooth trip for three astronauts overnight, the soyuz spacecraft carrying the new crew members to the international space station took off from kazakhstan. the trip took just under six hours. the new crew from the u.s., japan and russia joining three astronauts already aboard will stay at the station at least until the end of the year. now for a look at morning road conditions, watch out for flooding from the tennessee river valley to the carolinas. and even parts of the midwest. wet roads likely in the cascades, parts of the southwest and up near the canadian border. >> if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in charlotte. a dream vacation to the caribbean almost a nightmare for thousands of passengers aboard a cruise liner. >> as the jamaica bound ship approached portm a fire broke out in the mechanical area sending plumes of smoke over the 18-story vessel. passengers were ordered to put
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on life jackets and be ready to evacuate. but the ship's crew managed to put the fire out quickly. one crew member burned slightly. and this morning the cruise is actually back on schedule. take a look at this now. an explosion aboard a u.s. navy guided missile destroyer. this was off the atlantic coast. officials say a test missile malfunctioned shortly after it was launched from the ship. it damaged the side of the destroyer. the fire was quickly put out. damage was done. some minor damage, nobody was hurt, though. well, scary moments on a flight from denver to los angeles. as many as six passengers passed out in the rear of the plane. the pilot deployed the oxygen masks and even made an emergency landing in grand junction, colorado, that's about 240 miles from denver. united airlines says there's nothing wrong with the plane. all the passengers were conscious when the plane landed. one was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. and the opposite problem on a siberia airlines flight. an argument of some sort turned into a brawl. it happened on a flight from hong kong to russia. at least one passenger was
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allegedly drunk. other passengers used tape and seat belts to restrain him. he was detained by police and presumably unwrapped when the flight did land. well, friends of an american b.a.s.e. jumper who was killed earlier this week say he died doing what he loved. ian flanders made his fatal leap in an extreme sports event in turkey. his parachute cord wrapped around his leg as he dove off a mountain. he lost control. he was supposed to land safely in a river. he had done this once before on tuesday, but then tragedy struck in this jump. well, a beloved family pet is on the mend thanks to a brave mom who fought off an alligator with her bare hands. the mother of four was on a florida golf course with her dog hope and ended up in the clutches of a seven-foot gator. yep, that's right. a huge reptile dragged the pet into a pond and she didn't hesitate to jump in after them. >> jumped in, grabbed the tail, pulled him back, it started thrashing and rolling her some
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more. i read him his miranda rights. >> she did have a little help from a golfer. he heard her screams and went after the alligator with a golf club and a shovel and after undergoing surgery, hope is expected to be okay. so good news for the dog. >> like you just said, people love their dogs. well, it wasn't your usual security check at baltimore washington international airport earlier this week. a 21-year-old man was found with, get this, yes, everything you're seeing there, fireworks, a hatchet, several knives, a nine-inch saw and two small grenades. the items in his backpack, he said, were from a camping trip. he's now facing two charges for security violations. and we all remember the u.s. women's national soccer team winning the world cup. >> of course. well, the men's team, they've been playing in a tournament, as well, this summer. last night things didn't go so well. details now from espn. stan, can i kick it? >> yes, you can. >> not really but i appreciate the vote of confidence. >> okay so let me kick it then. >> why don't you kick it.
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team usa taking on jamaica in atlanta. it's the gold cup semifinals in atlanta. usa unbeaten against jamaica at home like forever. 35th minute jamaica up 1-0. goalie brad guzan's arm goes over the penalty line on the throw and jamaica is awarded a free kick. it's 2-0 jamaica. 48th minute, same score. aron johannsson's shot is saved by the goalie, the usa cuts the lead 2-1. bradley not able to connect, 57th minute. the usa will play in the third place game on saturday. >> well, everybody remembers third place. orioles/yankees. man on first. mark teixeira. if it hooks around the foul pole it's fair and home run. hooks around the foul pole, it is fair and it's a home run.
4:20 am
rbi 64 and 65. yankees up 3-0. alex rodriguez in the bottom of the fifth. his 20th. yeah, yankees won, 4-3. high-fives for rodriguez in the dugout where his teammates were there. usa is going to play panama in that third place game. mexico and jamaica for the title. >> thank you, fellas. the stanley cup making the rounds spending days with the chicago blackhawks and a farmer in illinois out with his own salute. that's impressive. that's a massive corn maze. >> cut in the maze's 38-acre field. it'll be open to the unto walk around from late august to november. >> i'm impressed. up next in "the pulse," the brewery with all the buzz because of the sea creature that's being but in that beer. also going viral, a man puts himself inside a water balloon and it bursts.
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♪ ♪ okay, time now to check "the pulse" starting with lessons for druggies everywhere, get your fix the old-fashioned way. >> druggies? wow. a florida woman turned to social media to make this desperate plea tweeting "somebody bring me weed. i'll pay for it." had to stop myself several times before i hit send on a tweet like that. within an hour someone did answer her and it was the palm beach sheriff's office saying where should we meet. that's pretty good. >> that clever response going viral with more than 50,000 retweets since yesterday. >> we don't know if she ever actually got her weed, though. >> we need to call the police department to find out what happened. let's go from weed to beer. beer purists may want to go out of the room. grab a cold one out of the fridge. hey, it's never too early. a brewery in maine has flavored some of its beer with another favorite in our northeasternmost
4:24 am
state, lobster. >> it's a mesh bag containing a dozen lobsters dipped in the boiling vat of unfermented beer. some sea salt was added too. we're told it has the sweetness of a lobster and a little brininess. >> only 3,000 bottles were made and you have to go to maine to try it. i'm curious. i'll try it once. >> this is why i don't drink beer. you don't know what's in it. >> we can tell you what's in it, water and hops. well, what happens when a man who's six foot gets inside a giant water balloon? one guy actually found out. >> yes, you see him squeezing himself into the balloon. now, the hose is filling it already with water. once he gets himself in there, he waits until -- >> well, he waits. there you go. the balloon explodes. water going all over the place. they shot this with a super slow motion camera. it makes the whole thing a touch more dramatic. the guy who was in there says it felt like being born again fully grown. like being in the womb. >> he remembers that, huh, that
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a major wildfire is out-of-control in the north bay, a wall of flames is threatening 300 structures near lake berryessa with hundreds evacuated. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am matt keller here for christian. the weather is having a major impact on the fire conditions. meteorologist mike nicco has what crews facing. mike? >> they are facing a break from the heat but not the winds. here is the closest reporting station, southwest winds at 14-miles-per-hour gusting to 21 miles per hour and the humidity is up to 84. we are going to see temperatures there, warming pack and the 80-degree level with humidity dropping this afternoon and the winds are staying steady. for the rest of us, 60s and 70s this afternoon, it will be cooler-than-average.
4:29 am
leyla? >> we are starting off with a look of the bay bridge toll plaza with cars collecting in the far right and left hand lanes. everyone down the middle is manufacturing along fine. as we move over to the walnut creek camera headed south on 680, it is looking clear and no delays. no actions to get us going. drive time traffic 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is 11 minutes. 880 northbound from 238 to the maze is at top speeds. 101 in the south bay not fining a -- finding a single delay. >> a fire near lake berryessa is bumping 30 miles north of napa and jumped from 4,000 to 6,000 acres burned and only a percent contained. one structure is destroyed and one damned and 525 firefighters are working the fire coming from as far away as san diego with the winds being pushed in different directions along hillside. many spent the night in
4:30 am
shelters. are under evacuation orders. >> my husband was more calm and he is like, it is not that close and i said, i don't care i want get out of here. >> crews brought in a jumbo jet to battle the flames that can drop several thousands of gallons of retardant more than the smaller planes. >> you can see how fast the flames are moving, with video in the newsroom showing a house being consumed by flames. every fire season firefighters an the bay area urge people toker dry brush and plants around buildings by creating defensible space to make it easier for them to protect your home from fire. >> oh my god. hurry. get out. >> you could hear the fear in their voices as people at lake berryessa try to escape the fire yesterday. investigators are trying to determine if this is what started the


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